The Inland Northwest Car Club Council (I.N.C.C.C.) was formed to function as an advisory and information center to and for the members and the car community at large. The council meets monthly to exchange and dispense information to car enthusiasts.  The I.N.C.C.C is a Washington State non-profit corporation and an IRS 501 exempt organization.

4/8/2021 - 2021 Calendar changes are coming in. Please refer to the "Post Printed Calendar Events" page on this website for the changes as they come in.

3/31/2021 - 2021 Calendar of Events - The Calendar has been released for distribution. It will be available at many of the advertisers locations within a few days.

3/31/2021 With progress continuing regarding the COVID-19 virus, optimism is growing for a return to some resumption of car activities. How that progresses will be greatly determined by people getting vaccinated and continuing to practice the prevention exposure actions of wearing masks in public, social distancing, sanitizing, and the other actions that have helped get us to this point in the past year. Many 2021 events are listed in our 2021 Calendar but their ability to take place will be determined by the participants doing the right thing so these events can happen.

 1/25/21 ***NOTICE***  EMAIL HACKED

The INCCC Calendar of Events has been hacked. Bogus email messages were sent out to any contact email address on the list. The messages appear to be legit from Jacquie Witham, but they are not. The message asks you to reply to the message. DON'T DO IT. Replying validates your email address to the hackers, and gives them potential access to your own contact list. If you reply you may get another email asking for you to purchase something on her behalf. DON'T DO IT. We don't yet know the full ramifications of this hack but as always, don't respond to any email that seems out of the ordinary. If suspicious from someone you know, call them first to verify they sent it. Beware!

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NOTICE: Be sure to regularly check the "Calendar of Events" page and the "Post Printed Calendar Events" page (use the menu tabs above) to check for events that have changed information, or have been canceled, or were not submitted to the printed Calendar of Events.  This is a mechanism we have implemented to provide up to date event information to the car community.

Notice - We encourage you to visit our "Car Club Articles" page.  This page links to detailed articles about various INCCC member clubs.  Clubs will be added as the articles become available over time.

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