*** 2/3/24 - The 2024 Scholarship Car Show will be held at a new location, better location. Details should be in the 2024 Calendar Of Events to be released later this month.

*** 1/10/24 - The 2024 Calendar of Events is being prepared by our volunteers. We plan to release it at our annual Show-no-Shine if all goes as planned.

Please remember - We have a Facebook page. Click on the following link. You'll have to log into your Facebook account to view the page: INCCC "Inland Northwest Car Club Council"


The Inland Northwest Car Club Council (I.N.C.C.C.) was formed to function as an advisory and information center to and for the members and the car community at large. The council meets monthly to exchange and dispense information to car enthusiasts.  The I.N.C.C.C is a Washington State non-profit corporation and an IRS 501 exempt organization.

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