Post Printed  Calendar Events

This page lists events submitted after the printed calendar was completed each year, and information changes/corrections to the calendar events.  There may or may not be any changes noted on this page as it depends on if changes were submitted.  We feel it useful to provide notice of these chnages to the INCCC members and interested public.  We plan to keep this page current meaning that we'll list them in order by event date, and delete each entry soon after the date of the event.  Be sure to scroll down to see all the listed events.

*** Events listed below are those we've been notified of, after the printed calendar release, by the event sponsor. As always, verify with the sponsor before planning to attend their event as the COVOD-19 virus is creating uncertainty with car events. Events may be date changed or cancelled as the event date nears.

2021 Printed  Calendar of Events Changes

July 24 - Added Event - Lakeside Motel & Resort Car Show, 2955 Hwy 200 - Trout Creek, MT Register - 8:00 am - 406-827-4458,,

August 7 - Event Canceled - 20th Annual Inland Empire Mustang Club "Hot Wheels."

August 7 - Added Event - Comancheros Rod & Custom Show - Pinehurst ID. The show is back after a recent absence. See the flyer below for details. This was a great show for years and now you can enjoy it once again.

August 21 - Added Event - Touchmark Community Car Show. 2929 S Waterford Drive - Spokane, WA 10:00am - 2:00pm. 509-321-8200,

September 6 - Added Event - Small car show for the Hillyard Farmers Market. See more details in the post further down this page.

Invitation to a small car show on 9/6/2021 in Hillyard.

We are hoping for some Classic Car guys to come share the parking lot with us behind the Northeast Community Center Garland on September 6th, 2021. The market goes from 3 to 7 p.m., and we'd love to have the cars there for that whole time, if possible.

No entry fees, no Awards (at least at this point), and not a fundraising activity. This is more of us hoping to have a collaborative event to have the cars be there to help attract attention to the farmers market, as well as our Farmers Market regulars having attention drawn to the different Inland Northwest classic car clubs.

At this point, we're hoping for anywhere between 10 to 20 cars, pre-1970, but any mix-and-match of different "Classic" style cars is great. My husband got a 1966 Mustang from Uncle Ron a few years ago, and has been slowly restoring it, and I'm hoping to talk him into bringing that over that day as well, even though it's not fully restored. :)

We will have a liability waiver for all car entrants to sign, of course.

Our Theme for that day is simply, "A Classic Market."

For contact, you can get in touch with me via this email, Facebook messaging, phone calls or text 509-389-5943, or call the Northeast Community Center and ask for Nic Bowcut, 509.487.1603.

The Northeast Community Center location is 4001 North Cook.

To be completely honest, none of us have ever done a car show before, so we might not know exactly what we're doing, so any tips and bits of information would be helpful. We're just trying to help our little market thrive for the Hillyard area.

Thanks, Heidi

Heidi Pickens
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