Post Printed  Calendar Events

This page lists events submitted after the printed calendar was completed each year, and information changes/corrections to the calendar events.  There may or may not be any changes noted on this page as it depends on if changes were submitted.  We feel it useful to provide notice of these chnages to the INCCC members and interested public.  We plan to keep this page current meaning that we'll list them in order by event date, and delete each entry soon after the date of the event.  Be sure to scroll down to see all the listed events.

*** Events listed below are those we've been notified of, after the printed calendar release, by the event sponsor. As always, verify with the sponsor before planning to attend their event as the COVOD-19 virus is creating uncertainty with car events. Events may be date changed or cancelled as the event date nears.

2021 Calendar of Events

June 20, Page 11 - 22nd Annual Wendle Ford Car Show - Detail changes. Change email address to Change times to registration 9:00 am and show start to 10:00 am.

July 9 - Page 14 - National Collector Car Appreciation Day - Added Details. See route instruction sheet further down this page.

July 24 - Added Event - Lakeside Motel & Resort Car Show, 2955 Hwy 200 - Trout Creek, MT Register - 8:00 am - 406-827-4458,,

August 21 - Added Event - Touchmark Community Car Show. 2929 S Waterford Drive - Spokane, WA 10:00am - 2:00pm. 509-321-8200,