INCCC Downtown Scholarship Car Show

The INCCC Downtown Car Show is held annually on the third Thursday of July.  It’s held on selected streets in downtown Spokane beginning at 6 P.M.  Often, over 300 cars enter the area and are parked within 20 minutes facilitated by good pre-planning.  The early participants are members of car clubs that are members of the INCCC.  After the car clubs are all parked, others can come in if there is room on the streets.  There is judging with awards given out at 8:30 P.M. after which everyone leaves.  The show draws a lot of public attendance to view the cars.

The purpose of the show, besides providing an unusual venue for members to exhibit their cars, is to award the scholarships to recently graduated high school seniors, chosen by committee from applications submitted.  Winners can use the money for any purpose associated with further schooling.  There are no restrictions on the schools attended or what expense they spend the money on.  The recent past years have awarded 15 scholarships of $1,500 each year.  Scholarships awarded over the life of the show total over $300,000.  The money comes from various fund raising activities of the INCCC including the registration fees for this show and donations from INCCC member car clubs.

Award winner photos from the 2018 Downtown Scholarship Car Show

Random show photos from the 2018 Downtown Scholarship Car Show