Questions or comments?  Contact either of the following:

Duane Murphy, Chairperson 509-209-3479, duane.murphy@wsfp.us.

Glen Reed, Co-Chairperson509-280-4139

or mail to:

Inland Northwest Car Club Council

PO Box 11282

Spokane, Washington 99211-0282

INCCC General Meeting

Last Tuesday of each month (except December) at 6:30 P.M., Timber Creek Grill Buffet - Argonne Village, 9211 E. Montgomery, Spokane Valley, WA.

The council welcomes all car enthusiasts and businesses. To join the Inland Northwest Car Club Council please contact any of the officer’s or board members. Interested in becoming a member? Please look for the membership application in the paper calendar or:

Download a Membership Application here.

INCCC Officers

Duane Murphy - Chairperson 509-209-3479

Glen Reed - Co-Chairperson 509-280-4139

Karen Miller - Secretary/Membership 509-599-7172

Marlene Roullier - Treasurer 509-484-5008

Kayse Lyn Iverson - Newsletter Editor

INCCC Board of Directors

Rich Dehart - 509-220-4995

Jack Guinnanae - 509-991-6452

Don Maak - 509-844-4275

Larry Roullier - 509-484-5008

Bill Schweiter - 509-326-2614

Calandar of Events

Chairperson - Ted Davis 509-981-7480

Email - inccccalendarofevents@msn.com

Downtown Scholarship Car Show

Chairperson - Duane Murphy 509-209-3479

Show No Shine

Chairperson - Chris Hall 509-467-8235

SEMA Representative

Merrill Smith 509-570-3788

INCCC Website and Facebook  web - incarclubcouncil.org     FB - INCCC  

Admin - Rocky Gibbs  rockyg@asisna.com