The Inland Northwest Car Club Council wishes to thank all of the advertisers, supporters and the Calendar of Events committee of dedicated individuals who make The Calendar of Events possible. A special thank you to Jeff Allison, William Reed & Associates for their contribution to the success of the calendar. Please support our listed advertisers in the calendar.

The volunteers that produce the calendar try to prevent entry errors but they are human and errors do happen.  The INCCC apologizes to the event sponsor for any errors.

  ***CHANGES to the 2023 printed Calendar of Events changes, corrections. Please visit our "Post Printed Calendar Event" page on this web site for added events that were not contained in the printed calendars.

We will post changes there as we are notified by the event sponsors. It's very important to contact the event sponsor prior to planning to attend an event for current details regarding the event as events may have changes or cancelled.

2023 Printed Calendar of Events

Please support the advertisers in the calendar as they make the calendar possible.

Thank you to the advertisers who have helped contribute to the success of the 2023 Inland Northwest Car Club Council Calendar of Events. Visit any of the advertisers for your free copy of the Calendar of Events.  Your support of the advertisers is greatly appreciated.

To submit an event listing for 2024, please use the link below to download the form. This is a PDF to be printed, filled out, and mailed. 2024 event forms must be sent no later than December 31, 2022.

2024 Event PDF Form (for printing and mailing)

Instructions - download and save the form byusing link above. Print the form, complete the  information fields, and mail the completed form to INCCC Calendar of Events, PO Box 11282 Spokane WA 99211-1282.

1/11/23 - IMPORTANT - Due to reported problems beyond our technical control with the online email version of the event entry form, we've discontinued the email version form. Please use the form contained in the 2022 Calendar of Events, or use the link further up this page to the version intended for mailing. Download, print, fill-in, and mail the form to: INCCC Calendar of Events, PO Box 11282, Spokane WA 99211-1282.

By using the link below, you can view/download the 2023 Calendar PDF file.

The 2023 calendar PDF may be viewed by using the link below. Be sure to often check our "Post Printed Calendar Page' for corrections/changes to the printed calendar by using the tab on the menu bar. 

View 2023 Calendar (PDF file, very large)

Some people will download the calendar once and store it on their mobile device for handy reference during the 2023 car season. Please refer to additional information at the bottom of this page.


Due to unexpected changes by show promoters, it is strongly suggested that you call the contacts listed with an event prior to departure to verify date, location, and time.

Include your organization’s event in next year'sCalendar of Events

We hope that you have had the opportunity to pickup the 2023 Calendar of Events. If your club, group or business has had events listed previously in the monthly section of the calendar, there will be forms available in our newsletter or in the current 2023 Calendar of Events.  Color advertisements will be available at a slightly higher cost than black and white. We usually get quite a few early entries, which will give us a great start, but please do not wait and get your event in early. We will also carry on the tradition of featuring cars from the area in the calendar. Thank you for your interest in our calendar.

The INCCC – Calendar of Events
PO Box 11282 / Spokane, WA 99211–1282

If you need additional information, you may also email us at inccc-calevent@outlook.com. Please do not email your event entry form. It's intended to be mailed.


Important comments regarding submission of ads and line listings for the 2024 Calendar of Events

- Advertisements submitted must follow the sizes specified by the calendar committee, sizes and price provided on request.
- Advertisement cost must be paid in full prior to December 31st 2023. Otherwise, this may result in cancelation of your advertising space. ***AD SPACE IS LIMITED AND IN DEMAND***
- Send advertising copy electronically or on disc for editing and calendar placement. PDF’s can be emailed.
- For timely editing please submit advertisements and event listings before December 31st 2023.
- We accept Microsoft Word docs only for text.
- Please include all linked images and fonts with your image files in case we need to resize them.
- No Microsoft or other publishing software files will be accepted.
- Please contact the committee immediately if your ad will be delayed.

Call for advertisement information: Ted Davis 509-981-7480
Call for line listing information Lynne Bos: 509-993-8650

-Oct 2021 -  New email address for the Calendar of Events: