The Inland Northwest Car Club Council wishes to thank all of the advertisers, supporters and the Calendar of Events committee of dedicated individuals who have made the 2021 Calendar of Events possible. A special thank you to Jeff Allison, William Reed & Associates, and Century Publishing for their contribution to the success of the calendar. Please support our listed advertisers in the calendar.

NOTE: Be sure to use the "Post Printed Calendar Event" tab above to check for events that were not submitted to the printed Calendar of Events.

The volunteers that produce the calendar try to prevent entry errors but they are human and errors do happen.  The INCCC apologizes to the event sponsor for any errors.

  ***CHANGES to the 2021 printed Calendar of Events changes, corrections. Please visit our "Post Printed Calendar Event" page on this web site for added events that were not contained in the printed calendars.

We will post changes here as we are notified by the event sponsors. Even more so this year than normal, it's very important to contact the event sponsor prior to planning to attend an event for current details regarding the event as many car events will be date changed or cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

2021 Printed Calendar of Events

The 2020 Calendar of Events is history.  The 2021 INCCC Calendar of Events began distribution to our advertiser's locations March 31st. The calendar PDF link is active on this website beginning April 3rd.

Please support the advertisers in the calendar as they make the calendar possible.

Thank you to the advertisers who have helped contribute to the success of the 2021 Inland Northwest Car Club Council Calendar of Events. Visit any of the advertisers for your free copy of the Calendar of Events.  Your support of the advertisers is greatly appreciated.

To submit an event listing for 2022, please use the link below to download the form. This is a PDF to be printed, filled out, and mailed. 2022 event forms must be sent no later than December 31, 2021.

2022 Event PDF Form (for printing and mailing)

Instructions - download and save form using link above, print form, write information in the fields, and mail the completed form to PO Box 11282 Spokane WA 99211

**New Interactive Form next section below**

Note*** this interactive form is for those people who don't have a means, or don't wish to, print out the paper 2021 event form and send via postal mail. This form allows you to complete fields on the form from your device (after downloading and saving to your device), and then emailing it to the INCCC as a PDF, without having to print the form. This form is not intended to fill in and submit without downloading the form to your device; in other words it's not similar to filling in an on-line order. It's vital that the INCCC have the filled in PDF for our receiving volunteers to properly process your event listing. Please review the following instructions before using this form.

Your device requirements - You must have a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader active on your device. You also must have email capability on your device, be it a PC, phone, or tablet. Most devices come with a default email client installed and if that is what you use, it should work. Or you may have and use a different email client. When you get to the step noted below in the instructions to submit the form, in clicking the "Submit Form" button your default email client should be called up, or if you have more than one, you should be presented with an ability to choose one to use for sending the form. You would then initiate sending the email message from your email client.

Instructions to use - use the link below to open the Interactive Event Form. It should open in a new window. You must then download the form to your device and save it. You no longer need to remain on the INCCC website as further actions occur solely on your device. On your device open the downloaded form in Acrobat Reader, and complete all data fields, review the entries for accuracy, then click the "Submit Form" button on the form. You must have an email client on your device as that is how the form is sent to the INCCC. The "Submit Form" button will open a window in which you may choose the email client you wish to use. Choose and accept your email client if you have more than one Then a new message should open in your email client. The message will have some boilerplate text in it and the PDF of your form attached. You need not add any text to the message and we suggest you don't. The destination email address is pre-filled in. Do not alter the address. When ready, send the message. Your email client should then to send the message with form attached to the INCCC. Within three weeks of submission you should receive an email acknowledgement of your event submission, or perhaps a phone call for an entry clarification. Therefore, it's vital that email addresses and phone numbers you enter on the form are correct.

2022 Interactive Event Form (for online completion and submitting)

Disclaimer - This process works as intended on devices we tested, but we can't know how it will work on your particular device. There is simply too much variety of devices, operating systems, email client software, and other facets that may not work for you. We created this interactive form capability with normal Adobe Acrobat processes. If you have problems, try another web browser, email client, or a different device. You must have email sending capability on your device for this to work. Cloud based email clients may not work with this process. We've tested with devices and email clients available to us, but there are so many more possibilities out there. We did find that Firefox on an Android phone will not download the form. Chrome and Opera web browsers worked fine on the phone. The INCCC is an all volunteer organization and we simply don't have IT or software support resources to offer users of our website with their varied devices. The website runs on a server hosted by others and we have no control over what their particular servers/software may or may not support. If this interactive form does not work for you, please download the paper copy, fill it out, and mail it.

The 2021 calendar PDF may be viewed by using the link below. Be sure to often check this web page for corrections to the printed calendar. Check for additional events that missed the printed calendar on our companion page "Post Printed Calendar Events" by using the tab on the menu bar. 

View 2021 Calendar (PDF file, very large)

Some people will download the calendar once and store it on their mobile device for handy reference during the 2020 car season. Please refer to additional information at the bottom of this page.


Due to unexpected changes, it is suggested strongly that you call the contacts listed with an event prior to departure to verify date, location and time.

CRUISE NIGHTS 2021 -6:00 - 8:00 P.M.


  Paul Bunyan                                           8625 N Government Way - Hayden ID


  Zip's Drive Inn                                       12218 N Market St - Mead WA

  Rolling Car Show - Hosted by The Gents Auto Club - 6:00 P.M. - Dick's Drive-In (Division St and Third Ave., Spokane WA), to Ron's Drive In (12502 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley WA)

Tuesday - June -August

  Cinderella Nights - Findley Ave. - Stateline Speedway, Post Falls ID


  Paul Bunyan                                          13735 Hwy 53 - Rathdrum ID

  Steer Inn                                              7920 N Division St - Spokane WA


  Ron's Drive Inn                                     12502 E Sprague - Spokane Valley WA


  Zip's Drive Inn                                      1005 S main St - Deer Park WA


  Kalispel Casino                                      420 Qlispe River Way, Cusick WA


Include your organization’s event in the next Calendar of Events

We hope that you have had the opportunity to pickup the 2020 Calendar of Events. If your club, group or business has had events listed previously in the monthly section of the calendar, there will be forms available in our newsletter or in the current 2020 Calendar of Events.  Color advertisements will be available at a slightly higher cost than black and white. We usually get quite a few early entries, which will give us a great start, but please do not wait and get your event in early. We will also carry on the tradition of featuring cars from the area in the calendar.Thank you for your interest in our calendar.

The INCCC – Calendar of Events
PO Box 11282 / Spokane, WA 99211–1282

You may also email us at inccccalendarofevents@msn.com or fax to 509-892-6465