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5/10/2021  Our meetings are presentlybeing held on the last Tuesday of each month (except December) at Darcy's Restaurant and Spirits, 10512 E Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley WA. Meeting begins at 6:30 P.M. Come early and enjoy dinner before and during the meeting. Covid-19 safety actions per WA State directives are in effect so that Darcy's can be open and serve people. Per Covid-19 safety, meeting seating is limited to 50 people.

Guests are always welcome!

For more information, contact Duane Murphy at 509-251-2820.

For iNCCC contact information, please go to our CONTACT US page. 


Each INCCC membership is entitled to one (1) newsletter and one (1) newsletter emailed each month. Dues are $20.00 per year and are due no later than January 31st. Please fill out entire form for accuracy for membership records. This information is strictly for the Council’s purposes and will not be sold or distributed. If your club, group or business has been a previous member and would like to continue your membership you must submit a membership form every year. If and when the membership newsletter recipients have changed, please notify in writing using the form below. Mail completed form and dues to:

INCCC Membership
PO Box 11282 / Spokane, Washington 99211-1282

The council welcomes car clubs, individuals, and business to our organization; this allows us to be more diversified in our hobby. Being a part of the council gives access to information about car clubs and their activities.  The council also tracks special interests and vehicle legislation which can affect our hobby and the private sector. Thank you for joining and welcome to the Inland Northwest Car Club Council.

Download the INCCC Membership Application here.

Additional Details About the Inland Northwest Car Club Council

The Inland Northwest Car Club Council (I.N.C.C.C.) is a Washington State non-profit corporation formed to function as an advisory and information center to exchange and dispense information to car clubs and automobile enthusiast’s. The council was formed in 1985 by dedicated car clubs and their members of the Inland Northwest. The purpose was to provide information to members of the car community about legislation affecting the car hobby, other related topics, and car events throughout the Inland Pacific Northwest.

The I.N.C.C.C., its car clubs and individual members monetarily contribute and participate in local charities. It is their opinion that it is vital to contribute to the community through volunteering and donations. Many of the car clubs contribute to organizations and charities through out the Inland Pacific Northwest through their own events and shows. The Inland Northwest Car Club Scholarship is one of the many organizations that benefit from the car club community. Each year the council sponsors the Downtown Scholarship Car Show where the scholarship recipients are recognized and a majority of the proceeds from that show goes towards scholarships for the next year.

The council welcomes car clubs, individuals, and businesses to our organization; this allows us to be more diversified in our hobby. The I.N.C.C.C. has approximately 60 car clubs in the Spokane area along with many individual memberships who are not members of a car club. The membership also exceeds the greater Inland Pacific Northwest to include Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Canada. Being a member of the council gives access to information about car clubs and their activities. Included in the membership is a monthly newsletter which contains current information about events, car shows, legislation and monthly columns written by members of the council.

For many years the I.N.C.C.C. Calendar of Events has been distributed to the advertisers in the calendar located around the Inland Pacific Northwest. The calendar is published for car enthusiasts, businesses, individuals and car club members to have a resource of all the events that are being held in our region and abroad. Thank you for taking interest in the calendar by choosing it for information on the events listed. The council hopes that you will patronize the advertisers in the calendar and the members look forward to seeing you this season at some of the many events listed in each year’s calendar.  New calendars are distributed in March of each year.

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